Benefits and Risks – Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy

If you’ve tried other treatments without success, Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy (Sacral Neuromodulation delivered through the InterStim® System) may provide you relief from chronic bowel incontinence.


Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy is a reversible treatment option that can be discontinued at any time by turning off or removing the device. Many people with Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy have reported:

  • Significantly improved quality of life
  • Total or significantly improved bowel control


As you consider the possible benefits, you should also explore the risks. The InterStim System has risks similar to any surgical procedure, including swelling, bruising, and bleeding. Complications can include pain at the implant site, new pain, infection, lead (thin wire) movement, technical or device problems, undesirable changes in urinary or bowel function, and uncomfortable stimulation. Any of these situations may require additional surgery or cause your symptoms to return. Always discuss the potential risks and benefits of the therapy with your doctor.

In most cases, these issues can be resolved, so talk to your doctor about your experience. (See Important Safety Information for possible adverse events.) This therapy is not for everyone. Please consult your doctor. A prescription is required.

Information on this site should not be used as a substitute for talking with your doctor. Always talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.

Last updated: 13 Feb 2013

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