About Heart Valve Surgery

One treatment option for heart valve disease may be to implant a small annuloplasty ring or band from Medtronic to reshape the valve. Or, your doctor may decide to replace the valve entirely with an artificial one. Either option gives you confidence to once again find pleasure in your favorite pursuits.

What Are These Surgeries?

When a heart valve is unable to work normally, the heart itself cannot function as it should. In some cases, the heart valve can be repaired. Sometimes, however, it must be replaced.
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Repair Products

Annuloplasty rings and bands are used to provide shape and stability to the base, or annulus, of your heart valve.
More: Profile 3D™ Ring
More: CG Future® Ring and Band
More: Simulus® Semi-Rigid Annuloplasty System
More: Duran AnCore® Ring and Band
More: Simulus® Flexible Annuloplasty System
More: Simulus® Adjustable Annuloplasty System

Replacement Products: Mechanical Valves

Prosthetic or artificial heart valves are either mechanical or tissue. Mechanical heart valves are made of a strong material such as titanium or carbon.
More: Hall Easy-Fit® Mechanical Valve
More: Medtronic Open Pivot™ Mechanical Valve
More: Medtronic Open Pivot™ Aortic Valved Graft (AVG)

Replacement Products: Tissue Valves

In addition to mechanical valves, replacement products can also be tissue valves. These products are made from animal tissue.
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More: Hancock® II Tissue Valve
More: Freestyle® Tissue Valve
More: Contegra® Pulmonary Valved Conduit
More: 3f® Aortic Tissue Valve

Benefits and Risks

After your diseased heart valve is repaired or replaced, you should begin to feel better almost immediately. Keep in mind, though, that the healing process can take time. As with all surgery, heart valve repair or replacement carries some risks.
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Questions and Answers

Having a heart valve repaired or replaced is an important event in your life. We know you may have many questions. If all of your heart valve questions aren't answered here, write them down and be sure to ask your doctor.
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Personal Stories

Read about the experiences of people who have received our products and therapies. You’ll learn first-hand what life was like for these particular patients, both before and after treatment.


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Last updated: 9 May 2011

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