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Living With a Neurostimulator or Drug Pump

Medtronic Chronic Pain Therapies

Once your Medtronic drug pump or neurostimulator is implanted and the implant site is healed, you and your doctor will work together to develop a pain management program. That program may include other types of therapies in addition to your Medtronic device, like physical therapy and exercise, with the goal of helping you to restore function for daily living.

After Surgery

During the first few weeks after the procedure, you may have special instructions from your doctor.

Daily Living

After the initial healing period, a Medtronic Chronic Pain Therapy will become a routine part of your day.

Recharging Your Neurostimulator

Rechargeable neurostimulators contain a battery that must be recharged regularly to maintain the therapy.

Getting an MRI

If you ever need an MRI, here’s what you and your doctor should know.

Getting a Replacement

Although neurostimulators and drug pumps are designed to last for several years without replacement, you can talk to your doctor about replacement procedures.

Optimizing Therapy

Learn how to get the most from your therapy.

Product Support

Both your doctor and Medtronic can help if you have questions about your system.

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