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Getting an MRI Scan

Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain

Someday, you may need a magnetic resonance image (MRI) to diagnose an illness. When you have an implanted electronic device, you have to be careful about MRI scans. The good news is that MRI scans are possible with Medtronic neurostimulation systems for chronic pain,* with proper safeguards.

Depending on the type of Medtronic neurostimulation system you have, you may be eligible for an MRI of any part of your body or a head‐only MRI scan. If you have a Medtronic SureScan™ MRI System, your pain specialist can easily determine whether or not you can safely undergo the type of MRI scan prescribed.**

Preparing for an MRI Scan

If your doctor has prescribed an MRI, work with your pain specialist. Instructions for preparing for an MRI scan are provided in the guidebook, Before Your MRI. You can also find information on

Safety Resources for Your Healthcare Team

If you encounter a doctor or MRI technologist who seems unclear about MRI safety related to your Medtronic neurostimulation system, show him or her your Medtronic Patient ID Card. Listed on your card is the model number of your neurostimulator and the website where your doctor or MRI technologist can access guidelines for safely conducting an MRI with your Medtronic neurostimulation system.

* Excludes Itrel™ 3.

MR-Conditional Icon **Under specific conditions; requires SureScan™ MRI implantable neurostimulator and SureScan MRI leads.

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