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Getting a Replacement

Spinal Cord Stimulation for Intractable Chronic Pain

Spinal cord stimulation systems are designed to last for several years without replacement. Neurostimulators may need to be replaced if the device malfunctions or if the battery depletes. Some neurostimulators have rechargeable batteries and others have non-rechargeable batteries.

The battery life of a nonrechargeable neurostimulator depends on the model and individual usage.


Why settle for anything but the best? When talking about a replacement neurostimulation system with your doctor, be sure to ask about the Intellis™ spinal cord stimulation system, which sets the new standard for managing chronic pain.

Sustainable Battery Performance

The Intellis system eliminates a top concern for many patients: issues related to battery or recharge. Powered by Medtronic Overdrive™ battery technology, the Intellis system features fast battery recharge, minimal loss of capacity over time, and the smallest size device — ideal for an active lifestyle.

Access to MRI Without Compromise

Sometime in the future, you may need an MRI* to diagnose an unrelated condition. The Intellis spinal cord stimulation system uses Medtronic SureScan™ MRI technology so you can have an MRI anywhere on your body — just like a patient without an implanted neurostimulator.

Personalized, Responsive Therapy

The Intellis system with Medtronic AdaptiveStim™ technology automatically adjusts the therapy as you move your body.

  • Delivers personalized treatment based on seven unique body positions
  • Increases or decreases stimulation to provide optimal pain relief
  • Tracks your daily movement to help your physician assess your progress and, if needed, adjust the stimulation

Secure Data That Travels With You

Your treatment-related information, including your daily movement log and spine images, is stored on your Intellis device, so it's with you wherever you go.

  • Provides activity information captured by AdaptiveStim technology to help your physician make better pain management decisions
  • Gives you the freedom to travel or relocate, knowing that another physician can access your information directly from your device
  • Integrates data encryption to ensure the highest levels of data security

MR-Conditional Icon*Under specific conditions. Talk to your doctor and refer to product labeling for full list of conditions.

Information on this site should not be used as a substitute for talking with your doctor. Always talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.