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PrimeAdvanced SureScan MRI Neurostimulator

Chronic Pain

The PrimeAdvanced® SureScan® MRI neurostimulator allows you to have safe* access to an MRI scan on any part of your body. It is a non-rechargeable neurostimulator.

Protect Your Future Options

PrimeAdvanced Neurostimulator

While CT scans are great for imaging hard materials in the body like bones, MRIs are used to image soft tissue. MRI scans can have significant advantages over CT scans:

  • Clear and precise detection of abnormalities not detectable by a CT scan1
  • No exposure to ionizing radiation, which is known to pose health risks2

If the device that you and your doctor select does not have Medtronic SureScan MRI Technology, you may need to have it removed so you can be scanned safely if the need arises.


  • Safe* access to MRI scans on any part of your body
  • Customized treatment allows your doctor to treat multiple pain sites at the same time
  • Personalized therapy to meet your needs

mr-conditional*Under specific conditions; requires SureScan MRI implantable neurostimulator and Vectris® SureScan MRI leads.



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