Eleanore's Story Fainting (Unexplained)


After the stress of moving into a new senior retirement home with her husband, Eleanore gradually started feeling peaceful, content, and settled in her new surroundings.

But it wasn't too long after when Eleanore's sense of tranquility was broken. Very early one morning, Eleanore collapsed in the bathroom. Her husband frantically called 911.

The paramedics came quickly and managed to stabilize Eleanore before taking her to the emergency room. After some tests, Eleanore was moved to the cardiac care unit, where a heart specialist suggested that her collapse could be related to her heart's electrical system.

To confirm a diagnosis, Eleanore's heart specialist implanted a Medtronic Reveal® Insertable Cardiac Monitor, a monitor that continuously records the heart's rate and rhythm. This would help Eleanore's doctor to determine the cause of her fainting spell.

Eleanore's life continued normally until one night, while dining out with her family, she had another fainting spell. Eleanor's husband placed the hand-held Reveal Patient Assistant over Eleanore's Reveal cardiac monitor and pressed the button. This triggered the cardiac monitor to capture her heart's rate and rhythm before, during, and after the fainting spell.

At the hospital, Eleanore's doctor analyzed the data collected from her Reveal monitor. The doctor discovered that Eleanore's heart stopped beating for 9 seconds, causing the fainting spell. Two days later, Eleanore received a pacemaker to ensure that her heart would always maintain a consistent heartbeat.

Eleanore and her husband are relieved to once again be living their peaceful, content, and settled life.

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This story reflects one person's experience. Not every person will receive the same results. Talk to your doctor about your treatment options.