Robert's Story Fainting (Unexplained)


As Robert walked into his local grocery store, he remembers seeing dark spots before he fainted. Three months later, as he was working at his desk, Robert again felt like he was going to pass out.

Robert went to his primary care doctor who referred him to a neurologist, a doctor who specializes in brain disorders. The neurologist thought Robert was having seizures and gave him some special epilepsy medication to potentially help the fainting spells.

Robert felt better – until he had another seizure-like episode a year later. Robert's doctor then sent him to a heart clinic, where he went through a series of tests and short-term heart monitoring. Unfortunately, the tests didn't help Robert's doctor find a reason for his fainting spells.

After fainting again at choir practice 6 months later, Robert's doctor decided to give him a Medtronic Reveal® Insertable Cardiac Monitor to continuously record his heart rhythm. This provided a way for Robert's doctors to link his heart's activity to his fainting spells.

With the insertable cardiac monitor in place, Robert's doctors learned that his heart would pause for several seconds – long enough to cause his fainting spells. Robert was given a pacemaker to regulate his heart rhythm and his episodes stopped.

Robert felt relieved to have answers and no more fainting spells. After he received his pacemaker, Robert's granddaughter noticed a difference. "Papa, you’ve got rosy cheeks!" she told him.

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This story reflects one person's experience. Not every person will receive the same results. Talk to your doctor about your treatment options.