Questions and Answers – Heart Valve Repair Heart Valve Disease

How soon after surgery can I expect to see results?

Results vary from person to person. Many people experience relief from symptoms right away. For others, it may take longer to notice a change. Your doctor will help you evaluate the progress of your condition after surgery.

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How soon after surgery can I resume normal activity?

Recovery time depends on many different things, including your overall physical condition. Typically, recovery takes at least 8 weeks and up to 12 weeks. Some patients recover faster, others take longer.

During your recovery time, you'll gradually regain your energy and will be able to return to your normal routine. Of course, how quickly you recover depends on the kind of surgery you had, your overall strength, and how well your incision is healing. A good cardiac rehabilitation program helps you regain your energy and overall good health.

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Will I need to take medications after my surgery?

You will have to take medications after your surgery. Which ones you take will depend on your overall health, the particular nature of your valve disease, and the surgery you had. Your doctor will prescribe the medicines you need.

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Are there any complications with heart valve repair surgery?

Complications, sometimes leading to repeated surgery or even death, may be associated with heart valve surgery. Discuss your personal situation with your doctor and make sure you're clear about the risks, benefits, and possible complications.

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