Medtronic Open Pivot Aortic Valved Graft Heart Valve Disease


The Medtronic Open Pivot™ Aortic Valved Graft (AVG) combines a mechanical heart valve with a graft—a tube or conduit that replaces part of the aorta. The AVG is used when both the aortic heart valve and the aorta need to be reconstructed. The valve contains two half discs – called leaflets – that tilt to open and close with each heartbeat, regulating the flow of blood like your natural heart valve.


Unique Design with Low Risk of Blood Clots

The Medtronic Open Pivot Mechanical Heart Valve (included in the graft) has a unique design that eliminates shallow recesses in the hinge area where blood clots may form.1,2,3

Excellent Blood Flow

Studies have shown that a continuous, gentle flow of blood results in low levels of clotting and helps prevent damage to blood cells.2,4,5,6

Proven Graft Material

The graft is made from Hemashield woven double velour, a material that helps facilitate healing.7

Durable and Long Lasting

The Medtronic Open Pivot mechanical valve is made of carbon with a titanium strengthening band for outstanding durability. Mechanical valves usually last throughout a patient’s lifetime and don’t need replacement.

Remarkably Quiet

In a series of patient studies, the Medtronic Open Pivot heart valve was noted to be perceptibly quiet.4,8


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