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Bradycardia (Slow Heart Rate)



Adapta® is a “physiologic” pacemaker. It waits for your natural heartbeat before delivering the pacing impulse to avoid unnecessary pacing. The Adapta pacemakers are also completely automatic, constantly adjusting their settings and adapting to meet your heart’s needs.

Key Features

Rate Response
Automatically adjusts your heart rate to match your level of activity. Special sensors detect changes in your body other than heart rate and increase or decrease your heart rate accordingly.

Managed Ventricular Pacing® (MVP®)
Provides the best pacing therapy available to reduce unnecessary right ventricle pacing. MVP allows the heart to beat naturally on its own.

Cardiac Compass®
Provides 14 months of data about your heart function to your physician. These data let your doctor see how well your device and medications are working together and understand how your heart function may change over time.


Your doctor will make a small incision, usually in your upper chest, and guide the lead(s) through a vein, into your heart. The lead(s) are connected to your pacemaker, and the device is programmed for your medical needs.


The device is not shown actual size. Other sizes may be available.

Height 1.76" (44.7 mm)
Width 1.89" (47.9 mm])
Depth 0.30" (7.5 mm)

Important Safety Information

An implantable pacemaker system relieves symptoms of heart rhythm disturbances. They do this by restoring normal heart rates. A normal heart rate provides your body with the proper amount of blood circulation. The pacemaker system is intended for patients who need rate-adaptive pacing or chronic pacing or for patients who may benefit from synchronizing the pumping of the heart chambers.

Risks associated with pacemaker system implant include, but are not limited to, infection at the surgical site and/or sensitivity to the device material, failure to deliver therapy when it is needed, or receiving extra therapy when it is not needed. After receiving an implantable pacemaker system, you will have limitations with magnetic and electromagnetic radiation, electric or gas powered appliances, and tools with which you are allowed to be in contact.

This treatment is prescribed by your physician. This treatment is not for everyone. Please talk to your doctor to see if it is right for you. Your physician should discuss all potential benefits and risks with you. Although many patients benefit from the use of this treatment, results may vary.

The device that appears in this graphic is a representation of a Medtronic device. The graphic does not include certain identifying information that may appear on Medtronic devices, such as model number or serial number.

Other Medtronic pacemakers include Thera, Prodigy, Preva, and Minuet. Please contact Heart Rhythm Patient Services, (800) 551-5544, x41835, if you have questions about any of our pacemakers.

Patient Manuals

Patient Manual for Adapta® DR, Versa®, Sensia®, and Relia™ models 

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