The Insight Center contains a collection of original articles and perspectives from world-renowned strategists and practitioners of value-based healthcare, especially curated by Harvard Business Review and sponsored by Medtronic.

These articles examine existing systems and detail ways in which modifications would increase value in healthcare. 


Making Better Use of Health Care Data

By Benson S. Hsu, MD and Emily Griese
Lessons from the Sanford Data Collaborative.

…improving care delivery, patient engagement, and care access.


To Combat Physician Burnout and Improve Care, Fix the Electronic Health Record

By Robert Wachter and Jeff Goldsmith
The tool should liberate clinicians, not oppress them.

…turning the EHR into a well-designed and useful partner to clinicians and patients…


Why Process Is U.S. Health Care’s Biggest Problem

By John S. Toussaint and Kathryn Correia
Without it, technology can't live up to its potential.

Building the care process…is critical." "…Lack of reproducibility leads to errors.


Hospital Budget Systems Are Holding Back Innovation

By Derek A. Haas, Michael S. Jellinek and Robert S. Kaplan
Here's how to fix them.

Hospital budgeting systems…were not designed for contemporary, digital technology solutions…


How Hospitals Are Using Patient-Reported Outcomes to Improve Care

by Elizabeth Olson, Andre G. Dias and Caleb Stowell, MD
Three examples show how it can work.

…refocus the aims of…outcomes collection efforts…to improve clinical care.