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pdf Aligning Value Across the Healthcare Ecosystem  (.pdf)

Learn how Medtronic is supporting the movement toward value-based healthcare by working with partners to leverage technologies, develop solutions, integrate health systems, and align value among stakeholders.


Case Studies

Medtronic and its partners are working towards the transition to value-based healthcare. In pilots around the world, we are working together to increase efficiency, expand access, and improve care. Find out details of these innovative efforts by reading case studies that outline the issue and report on the solution. 

Facilitating the Move to a Value-Based Future

Around the globe, governments, insurers, hospitals, physicians, and other caregivers are struggling to address unmet healthcare needs without further increasing costs or inhibiting economic growth. At Medtronic, we are committed to working with the health community to better leverage technologies and services that improve patient outcomes, integrate care delivery, and support the global shift toward Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC).

While the role of medical technology in VBHC is only beginning to be defined, and we’re in the early stages of demonstrating how it can be applied, we’re certain it can play a fundamental role in improving healthcare for all.

Medtronic is stepping forward to put the full power of our technologies - and our people - to work with new partners, in new ways, to align value and usher in a new era in healthcare.

To address the healthcare needs of modern society, we need a system that confronts our current healthcare challenges. However, no single entity can accomplish this feat alone. Only through collaboration can we drive healthcare toward an integrated, more efficient future.

Learn how Medtronic is supporting the movement toward value-based healthcare.


Read the Medtronic Perspective on Aligning Value:
Aligning Value Across the Healthcare Ecosystem (PDF)