The Science Behind Healthcare Meaningful Innovation

Research, data, analysis — the foundation of innovation that improves lives

Medtronic scientists are current on the latest scientific research and relentless in their demand for testing, verification, and analysis. Peoples' lives depend on it. Those benefitting from Medtronic technology inspire and motivate employees to bring their best selves to work every day.

Thinking Big by Thinking Really Small

Medtronic Tempe Campus Illustrates Engineering Rigor

Using the same technology that compressed computing into the palm of your hand, microelectronics experts in Arizona, along with designers, engineers, and medical experts in Minnesota and elsewhere, found they could reinvent medical devices, using just a fraction of the space.

A "Game-Changer" in the Treatment of Brain Disorders

DBS — A "Game-Changer" in the Treatment of Brain Disorders

Medtronic is using Brain Radio™ Technology to decode the human brain's electrical orders and find new ways to treat brain disorders. Discover more about this fascinating and promising research.