The HBR Innovation Center contains a collection of original articles and perspectives from health industry leaders, specially curated by Harvard Business Review and sponsored by Medtronic. This series focuses on ways to improve innovation by using new approaches — relying on artificial intelligence and patient input and looking outside healthcare for inspiration. Read and share.


AI Will Change Health Care Jobs for the Better

By H. James Wilson and Paul Daugherty
Research shows workers shouldn't fear smart machines.

… three new ways in which smart machines will enable humans to improve performance.


How Mayo Clinic Is Combating Information Overload in Critical Care Units

By Vitaly Herasevich, Brian Pickering, and Ognjen Gajic
The solution to an abundance of data is "ambient intelligence" tools.

...ambient-intelligence applications can cut through the clutter and deliver the right information …


Putting Humans at the Center of Health Care Innovation

By Yasser Bhatti, Jacqueline del Castillo, Kristian Olson, and Ara Darzi
Best practices from three leading institutions.

...human-centered design and co-creation ... can accelerate and humanize healthcare innovation.


What Retail Can Teach Health Care About Digital Strategy

By Adam Licurse, MD
It's about more than a new website.

Healthcare providers, like retailers ... need to ... meet the needs of patients more conveniently and efficiently.


How to Partner with Outside Innovators in Health Care

By Melissa A. Schilling
Collaborating with governments, businesses, and research institutions.

Outsiders often look at problems in new ways.