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This site is being updated continuously as more information becomes available. If you do not find a clinic near your location, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

As with most medical facilities, please call for an appointment before visiting.
Pacemaker Clinic follows pacemakers
Heart Failure Clinic follows CRT devices
Defibrillator Clinic follows defibrillators
Reveal Clinic follows Reveal® ICMs
CareLink Clinic offers remote follow-up with Medtronic CareLink® Network
Clinics near Vilnius, Lithuania
  Kaunas Medical University Clinic (90 km) Pacemaker Defibrillator Reveal
   Eiveniu g. 2
LT-3007 Kaunas
Telephone: +370 7 797688

  Grodno regional clinic cardiology center (147 km) Pacemaker Heart Failure Defibrillator Reveal
   Boldina 9
Grodno    230030
Telephone: +375152 43-34-20

  Minsk regional clinic (171 km) Pacemaker Heart Failure Defibrillator Reveal
   Lesnoy -1
Minsk    223041
Telephone: +37517265-21-68

  Republican Clinical Medical Center (171 km) Pacemaker Heart Failure Defibrillator Reveal
   Krasnoarmejskaya 10
Minsk    220030
Telephone: +37517 227-82-25

  Republican Scientific Practical Center of Children Surgery (171 km) Pacemaker Heart Failure Defibrillator Reveal
   Nezavisimosti av. 64
Minsk    220013
Telephone: +375 1729021 00

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