The Capnostream™ 20p patient monitor is built on a legacy of proven performance. For nearly two decades, clinicians have relied on Microstream™ technology for an accurate, continuous view of ventilation adequacy on intubated and non-intubated patients, from neonate to adult.

The new Capnostream™ 20p monitor, with the Apnea-Sat Alert feature, alerts caregivers to repetitive patterns of apneas and oxygen desaturation, revealing a more complete picture of a patient’s respiratory status.


Dual Parameter Monitor

  • Supports current standards of care by providing etCO2 and SpO2 measurements.

Smart Alarm Management™ Integrated Algorithms([FOOTNOTE= ECRI Institute. The Hazards of Alarm Overload: Keeping Excessive Physiologic Monitoring Alarms from Impeding Care. ECRI Guidance Article, March 2007.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]),([FOOTNOTE=Hockman S, Glembot T, Niebel K. Comparison of capnography derived respiratory rate alarm frequency using the SARA algorithm versus an established nonadaptive respiratory rate alarm management algorithm in bariatric surgical patients. Resp Care (Open Forum Abstracts). 2009;12.],[ANCHOR=View Abstract],[LINK=/content/mitg/websites/languagemasters/na/en-us/support/clinical-evidence.html?id=573442])

  • The Capnostream™ 20p patient monitor with Microstream™ includes Smart Alarm Management™ Integrated Algorithms, a suite of algorithms proven to reduce alarms and simplify the use of patient monitoring to enhance patient safety and improve clinical efficiency.

Smart Breath Detection™

  • Screens out low amplitude ‘non-breath’ etCO2 excursions like, talking, crying or snoring.

Smart Alarm for Respiratory Analysis™ (SARA)

  • Reduces clinically insignificant alarms.

Nellcor™ SatSeconds

  • Alerts clinicians to clinically significant changes in pulse oximetry.

Integrated Pulmonary Index™ Algorithm (IPI )

  • IPI algorithm presents one value that demonstrates real-time respiratory status based on etCO2, RR, PR and SpO2.††

Apnea-Sat Alert™ Algorithm (ASA )†††

  • Tracks and reports apneas per hour and oxygen desaturation index, and provides the data in trend reports.


  • Compatible with central monitoring systems and interfaces with nurse call systems and electronic medical records.

Internal Printer

  • Provides convenient bedside documentation.
Order Information
Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
CS08651-02 Capnostream™ 20p Bedside Monitor with Apnea-Sat Alert Algorithm Each 1
Power and Connectivity Accessories, and Spare Parts
010516 Paper (6 rolls). Paper fits Capnostream's integrated printer. Box 1
010713 Mounting Adaptor Plate (Vesa). Used for mounting Capnostream to GCX roll stands and other mounting assemblies. Each 1
011782 Quick Release Pole Clamp. Clamp fits pole mount (pole diameter 0.75 in [19 mm] to 1.5 in [38 mm]) or rail mount (rail size 10 mm [0.39 in] x 25 mm [0.98 in]). Each 1
011892 Mounting Adapter for Bernoulli Transmitter. Used with a Bernoulli/Oxinet hospital system. Each 1
016400 Battery Pack Each 1
BP01000- Battery Pack Each 1
011149 Nurse Call Cable. Cable length 3.5 meters. Each 1
014256 US Power Cord (3 meters)  Each 1
014255 European Power Cord (3 meters)  Each 1
CS08807 Power Cable Strain Relief  Each 1
010543 Fuse, 3.14 amp/250 volt Package 2
Mounting Accessories

Wireless Bridge Adapter (Bernoulli-compatible).

Supports all Nellcor™ OxiNet™ technology bridges:

– Moxa TCC-80 (DB 9) RS-232 to 422 Adapter
– Moxa NPort RS 232 to wired ethernet adapter
– Nellcor™ brand version of wireless bridge

Compatible with Quick Release Pole Clamp Kit. Reuses Capnostream™ 20p patient monitor feet for table-top use. Handle designed for monitor transport and use with GCX 5" Slide-in Plunger Mounting Plate. Hook and loop straps offer storage of the SpO2 cabling and power cords.

Each 1

Quick Release Pole Clamp Kit.

Clamp ts pole mount (0.75”-1.5”/19 mm - 38 mm) or rail mount (0.39”/10 mm x 0.98”/25 mm).

Note: Never use a temporary mount when a falling Capnostream™ 20p monitor could cause patient injury.

Each 1

Vesa Mounting Adapter Plate.

For mounting Capnostream™ 20p monitor on any standard Vesa 75 x 75 mounting system as required by various standard industry mounting solutions.

Each 1

Roll Stand, Handle and Basket.

Features tilt/swivel adjustments. Post height is 38”/96.5 cm, overall height with casters, floor to mounting plate is 43”/109.2 cm. Mounting plate sold separately (010713).

Each 1

Wall Channel, Vertical.

Standard channel. Channel permits monitor to be set anywhere in the channel.

Each 1

Wall Channel, Vertical with Pivot Arm.

12” pivot arm length. Pivots at the slide for lateral adjustability.

Each 1
General Characteristics
Unit dimensions 167 mm. (h) x 220 mm. (w) x 192 mm. (d)
  (6.6 in. (h) x 8.7 in. (w) x 7.6 in. (d))
Unit weight 3.6 kg.
  7.94 lb.
Packaged dimensions 315 mm. (h) x 340 mm. (w) x 285 mm. (d)
  12.4 in. (h) x 13.4 in. (w) x 11.2 in. (d)
Power Supply
Input Voltage 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, ± 10%.
Microstream™ Capnography
Units: mmHg, kPa or Vol%
Measurement range etCO2, FiCO2 0-150 mmHg
Respiratory Rate 0 bpm-150 bpm
Resolution 1 mmHg
Accuracy (±SD) etCO2, FiCO2 0-38 mmHg ± 2 mmHg. 39-150 mmHg ± (5% of reading + 0.08% for every 1 mmHg above 38 mmHg)
Respiratory rate: 0-70 bpm ±1 bpm, 71-120 bpm ±2 bpm, 121-150 bpm ±3 bpm
Flow rate 50 ml/minute, flow measured by volume
Waveform sampling 50 millisecond intervals
Response time 2.95 second (typical)
Initialization time 40 second (typical)
Calibration interval Initial calibration after 1,200 operating hours, then annually or after 4,000 operating hours, whichever comes first
Nellcor™ Pulse Oximetry
Measurement range 0-100%
Accuracy Adult mode:
  o SpO2 range 70%-100% ± 2 digits
  o SpO2 range 0-69% unspecified
  Neonate mode:
  o SpO2 range 70%-100% ± 3 digits
  o SpO2 range 0-69% unspecified
Pulse rate o Range: 20-250 BPM
  o Accuracy: ± 3 BPM
  o Sat Sec Range: 10, 25, 50, 100

Order Information

  • †SARA evaluates the stability of the detected breath-to-breath intervals and adjusts (adapts) the measurement period accordingly, thus averaging out noise and transient fluctuations when required, providing a more realistic respiratory rate.

  • ††SpO2 data from host required.

  • †††Apnea-Sat Alert is FDA cleared for adults 22 years of age or older.