VersaOne™ Optical Trocar

Product Details

The advantages of the optical trocar include:

  • Smoother insertion – “dolphin nose tip” facilitates smoother insertion for easier trocar placement vs. Applied Medical([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal test report#2143-114, Applies to Medtronic 12 mm trocars, when compared to Applied Kii™* (12 mm trocar, Z-thread cannula). March 2013.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Port fixation and security – advanced fixation ribs keep cannula from moving during procedures1
  • Visualization – excellent visualization delivers clear tissue identification upon insertion
  • Interlocking snap feature to secure obturator during insertion

Visiport™ Plus Optical Trocars

Product Details

Visiport™ Plus optical trocars are available in 11 mm and 12 mm diameters.  The Visiport™ Plus optical trocar consists of an obturator with a blunt clear dome at the distal end which encloses a crescent shaped knife blade.

Order Information

Order Information
Order Code Description Size Length Unit of Measure Quantity
176673P Visiport Plus RPF 5 mm - 11 mm with Smooth Cannula 11 mm 110 mm Box 3
176673PF Visiport Plus RPF 5 mm - 11 mm with Fixation Cannula 11 mm 110 mm Box 3
176674P Visiport Plus RPF 5 mm - 12 mm with Smooth Cannula 12 mm 110 mm Box 3
176674PF Visiport Plus RPF 5 mm - 12 mm with Fixation Cannula 12 mm 110 mm Box 3


Bladeless and bladed optical trocars

Optical trocars offer visualization to deliver clear tissue identification on the first entry of the tissue layer.

  • Images recorded on March 14, 2013, as part of a trocar clarity evaluation in an inanimate abdominal model; images representative of evaluation results.