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Advanced Energy

Medtronic Advanced Energy is dedicated to developing technology that improves outcomes for both surgeons and their patients. Our Aquamantys bipolar sealers are designed to reduce blood loss during surgery, while the PEAK PlasmaBlade device offers precise tissue dissection without the collateral thermal damage often associated with electrosurgical techniques. Advanced Energy products are used in a variety of procedures in orthopaedic, spinal, surgical oncology, plastic/reconstructive, and ENT applications.

Ear, Nose & Throat

Medtronic ENT's products provide relief to patients with ENT disorders, such as sinusitis, diseases of the head and neck, thyroid conditions, and sleep-disordered breathing. Some of our products include, powered surgery instruments like the Straightshot® M4 Microdebrider, Integrated Power Console (IPC® Systems), the NIM-Response® Monitor, Fusion™ ENT Navigation and surgical treatments for sleep disorders that include the Pillar® Procedure and Repose® System.

Navigation; High-speed Drills (Midas Rex); Hydrocephalus and Critical Care products; Visualase®


Medtronic ST Navigation and intraoperative imaging solutions develop highly accurate visualization tools that assist surgeons to make more informed decisions in the operating room, reduce surgery time, reduce patient risk, and potentially improve surgical outcomes. The products and applications deliver real-time feedback on patient anatomy, instrument position, pathology status, and therapy placement for both preoperative procedure planning and intraoperative confirmation. Key products include:

  • Intraoperative imaging solutions, such as the O-arm® 2D/3D Imaging System for spine and orthopedic surgeries, and the PoleStar® Surgical MRI System for neuro-oncology procedures to help confirm total tumor resection
  • Surgical navigation systems for cranial, neurologic, spinal, and ENT procedures based on the industry-leading StealthStation® Navigation System
  • A next-generation navigation tracking technology, AxiEM™ electromagnetic tracking, that enables the use of surgical navigation in a broader range of procedures and patient types

High-speed Drills (Midas Rex)

Medtronic ST High-speed Drills develop surgical devices for the procedure of cranial, spinal and orthopedic and ENT. Some of the main product lines are powered pneumatic and electric drill systems such as the Midas Rex® MR7 Legend EHS Stylus® Drills, Triton Saws, and the Integrated Power Console.

Hydrocephalus and Critical Care Products

Medtronic ST Hydrocephalus and Critical Care Products develop implantable products for the treatment of cranial, spinal and neurologic diseases, including hydrocephalus, spinal disorders, cranial tumors and vascular lesions. Some of the main products include the hydrocephalus valves and shunts, CSF drainage device Duet™ External Drainage and Monitoring System and cranial repair implants for cranial closure, bone fixation and dual repair.

MRI Guided Laser Ablation

Visualase® provides advanced MRI-guided laser ablation technology for thermal ablation markets, including neurosurgery. Laser energy is delivered to the target area using a laser applicator. As light is delivered through the laser applicator, temperatures in the target area begin to rise, destroying the unwanted tissue.