Corporate Responsibility About Medtronic

Positive Business Performance

As a global leader in medical technology, our business generates significant benefits for society. Our Mission promotes a culture of good corporate citizenship, purpose, and responsibility — it’s built into the policies and programs that help us hold each other accountable. Today more than ever — our value as a company and our business performance are connected to our positive social impact.

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Includes information about our strategic approach, philanthropy, community and employee engagement, and environmental stewardship.

Diversity and Inclusion
Our philosophy and additional resources.

Medtronic Foundation
The website for our philanthropic arm.

Healthcare Professional Collaboration
Includes why we collaborate, categories in which we collaborate, our guiding principles, and our healthcare professional registry.

The comprehensive and transparent processes that have made us a progressive Quality leader.

Supplier Diversity
Our commitment to and policies regarding a diverse supply chain, including how to register on our portal.

Our commitment to and policies regarding supplier relationships, including how to register on our portal.