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Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN USA
October 7–9, 2016





Celebrating 10 Years

Roberto Itamura

Running long distances was never meant to be easy. It becomes even harder when the body becomes a barrier. For runners diagnosed with medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, spinal disorders, chronic pain or neurological disorders, that is the reality. Yet the passion for running, and for life, remains. 

Every October since 2006, the Medtronic Foundation and Twin Cities in Motion have brought people from around the globe to Minnesota, to be part of a unique collection of long-distance runners all benefitting from medical technology. To date, 234 Global Heroes from 34 different countries have run the beautiful course that winds through the lakes and neighborhoods of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Each Global Hero represents their country and medical condition, but more importantly, they represent a return to "active life."

"Global Heroes are truly remarkable people representing remarkable stories," says Jacob Gayle, president of the Medtronic Foundation. "As we honor them, we also create a platform for them to share those stories with the world, reaching others with similar conditions and circumstances, and hopefully encouraging them to take action with their health."