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Getting a Device

Getting a Diabetes Management Device

Fluctuating glucose levels can be hard on your body and can keep you from foods and activities you enjoy. Our diabetes management and monitoring devices are designed to be easy to use and work around the clock, helping you better control your glucose levels.

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Insurance coverage

Medtronic Diabetes insulin pumps are listed on the Commonwealth Department of Health Prostheses List. To ensure that you will not experience any out-of-pocket expenses when you are fitted with a pump it is advisable that you check in advance with your healthcare professional and with your private health insurer.

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The Cost of Insulin Pump Therapy

In Australia, the cost of insulin pump therapy is generally fully covered by private health insurance. However, a number of additional offers are also available to help you manage the cost of insulin pump therapy.

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Diabetes never rests, but you are not alone. Our experienced training and education team and StartRightTM coaching program are here to help you make the most of your new therapy. We’re always here to support you with 24-hour global assistance.

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