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Getting a Ventilation Tube or a Power-Assisted Adenoidectomy

Getting a Ventilation Tube or a Power-Assisted Adenoidectomy

If there is still fluid behind your child’s eardrums after a course of antibiotics, or if your child has repeated ear infections, your paediatrician may recommend ear ventilation tubes (vent tubes).

If the ear infections are related to swollen or infected adenoids, a power-assisted adenoidectomy may be recommended to remove the adenoids.

Factors Your Doctor May Consider

Whether a power-assisted adenoidectomy is right for your child depends on several factors that you should discuss with your child’s paediatrician and an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) or ear specialist.
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Surgery: What to Expect

Learn what happens before, during, and after the surgeries.
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Ear Ventilation Tubes

Power-Assisted Adenoidectomy

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