Unexplained Fainting

" I’m a new man."

An insertable heart monitor and a pacemaker helped save Jim’s life

In 2010, Dr. Jim Smith experienced his first "episode." He blacked out for no apparent reason. In March 2012, it happened again, but this time the near syncope (fainting) episode was accompanied by violent illnesses. He was taken to the hospital where a battery of tests failed to provide answers. His results were “normal.” An accomplished cardiologist, Dr. Smith knew intuitively this was not normal.

For months, he lived in fear of another occurrence. He constantly checked his pulse and was concerned that these events might be related to the electrical activity in his heart. “The frightening thought of an anoxic brain injury or sudden death is very shocking and very humbling,” he says.

In January 2013, he once again nearly passed out. This time, he discussed options with his physician and received a Medtronic insertable cardiac monitor that could hopefully provide some answers.

In June of 2013, Dr. Smith suffered another serious episode. This time his cardiac monitor revealed shocking results: his heart had stopped beating three times during the attack. The next day, Jim was implanted with a Medtronic pacemaker to manage his heart rhythm.

“In retrospect, I would have gotten a device a lot sooner, because it saved my life,” Jim says.

He has confidently resumed an active, healthy lifestyle – free from worry and fear of another episode.

The patient testimonial above relates to an account of an individual’s response to a given therapy /device. The account is genuine, typical and documented. The response other individuals have could be different. Implantable devices are not for everyone, and all devices described on this site carry risks. You should consult with your physician about any questions or concerns you may have related to your own health, about the risks and benefits associated with medical device therapy and if it might be the right option for you.  For more information, visit www.medtronic.ca .