Smallest Pacemaker Global Impact

Now Celebrating 100,000 Micra™ Patients

Watch this video to meet some of the patients who helped us realize this milestone.

Micra is the world’s smallest pacemaker,1 and benefits more than 100,000 patients in over 60 countries.2

Micra leadless pacemakers are implanted directly within the heart and do not contain leads. Less than a tenth the size of traditional pacemakers3 — comparable in size to a large vitamin capsule — Micra is cosmetically invisible to patients after implantation. 

Patients and physicians alike are potentially benefiting from the unique features of Micra. Our unmatched leadless pacing experience offers a streamlined and minimally invasive procedure,4 as well as fewer complications5 and post-implant restrictions.6 Medtronic offers two leadless pacing options to treat a range of heart conditions. Hear what real Micra patients and physicians are saying about their experience with Micra.

Micra device in gloved hand



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