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StealthStation FlexENT

The customizable navigation system.

Flex your way

StealthStation FlexENT™ Navigation System provides flexible hardware features and tiered software functionality. Configure the system to create a customized navigation system to meet your unique facility and clinical needs.


With StealthStation FlexENT™ navigation system, you choose the components to create a customized navigation system to meet your ENT procedure needs.


Image-guided surgery for ENT procedures

StealthStation FlexENT™ offers the following key benefits:


  • Six hardware configurations (with and without a cart) to build the desired solution matching your specific clinical and facility needs 
  • Optional portable cart that enables you to consolidate ENT equipment and provides better mobility and cord management than solutions without a cart

  • Two different electromagnetic (EM) emitter options provide more flexibility with surgical setup
  • Manage multiple navigated instruments simultaneously
  • Add-on software modules as needed for enhanced visualisation and surgical planning

Download the brochure

Find out more about the StealthStation FlexENT™ Navigation System by downloading the Physician Brochure available here.

Everything you want and nothing you don’t

Configure the StealthStation FlexENT™ to create a customized navigation system that meets your unique facility and clinical needs.

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