AUTOLOGS 1.2 Ventricular Assist Device Features


Autologs™ 1.2 is the latest update to our industry-leading device management service, providing transparent data as an integral part of the user-friendly HeartWare™ HVAD™ System.

Autologs provides on-demand logfile data when it matters most: during the patient’s visit.

Use Autologs 1.2 reports to:

  • Gain key insights into the pump’s performance to efficiently troubleshoot complications.
  • Conveniently record changes to system settings.
  • Determine if your patients are not using their equipment properly or require additional training.

Comprehensive logfile data is delivered in seconds, right to your computer, so you can instantly access the data during the clinic visit, instead of hours later, streamlining device management. Report time frames range from 3 to 90 days allowing you greater flexibility with adapting reports to meet your needs. 

How logfiles are created

HeartWare HVAD Waveform visualization

HVAD Waveforms

The HVAD Waveform is a visualization of blood flow through the HVAD, which is generated by 3 factors:

  1. Pressure at the inflow of the pump
  2. Pressure at the outflow of the pump
  3. Set speed
The controller records data every 15 minutes

Controller Logfiles

Every 15 minutes, the controller records the flow from the waveform and the pump's speed and power into its logfiles. It also records all medium- and high-priority alarms at the time they occur. The controller can store up to 30 days of pump parameter data before overwriting the data in a first in/first out fashion.

An HVAD Autologs report


When sent to the Autologs service, the data contained in the logfiles is charted and organized in a way to simplify pump performance interpretation. The data shown in the reports is summarized to help the user identify major and long-term trends.

Autologs User Resources

Download the latest resources to learn more about HeartWare HVAD System Autologs.

pdf Autologs Atlas (.pdf)

The Autologs Atlas has been updated to include an overview of new features along with a background on logfiles, how to customize your report, logfile scenarios and many more helpful resources.


pdf Autologs Quick Reference Pocket Guide (.pdf)

The Autologs 1.2 pocket guide provides an overview of the logfile components and what to keep in mind when reviewing an Autologs report.


pdf Case Study: Left Ventricular Recovery in an HVAD Patient: The Role of Logfiles (.pdf)

In this case study from the University of California, San Francisco, the patient's logfiles were one of the tools that provided the team insight in determining restored LV function in the HVAD patient.