Hear from heart valve treatment experts as they discuss the pivot of TAVI to the low risk U.S. patient population in this roundtable video discussion. Hear from heart valve treatment experts to learn about the low risk indication and what it means for TAVI patients with symptomatich severe aortic stenosis in this series of short videos.

Hear from heart valve treatment experts 

Headshot of Steven Yakubov, MD, pictured on blue background

Steven Yakubov, M.D.

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Kendra J. Grubb, M.D.

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Kevin Stiver, M.D.

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Toby Rogers, M.D.

Video Series: Spotlight on TAVI | Pivoting to the Low Risk Population

The video series is divided into chapters for ease of viewing. You can watch the chapters in any order, although they appear in the sequence below. Click on a link below or scroll down the page to view a specific chapter.


Welcome to the Spotlight on TAVI video series: Pivoting to the Low Risk Population. Videos focus on the expansion and movement into the low risk patient population, with insight from an expert panel of heart valve treatment experts.

 Clinical Data for Low Risk TAVI

Details of low risk TAVI study and data. Impact on patients, including those previously routed to surgery. Includes insight on safety of TAVI at one-year mark, and how cardiology community has been engaged with data.

Outreach and Education FOR Physicians and Patients

Experts weigh in on how to reach patients who are not diagnosed with symptomatic severe aortic stenosis, and discussions around the importance of identifying and referring patients in a timely manner.  

Key topics regarding low risk patients

Considerations and factors for lifetime management of TAVI valves. Results from trials and discussions on surgical options. Includes example of how low risk patients are evaluated.

Pacemaker Considerations

How to counsel patients regarding pacemakers after a TAVI procedure if needed, with insights into the approach.

Gradients and selecting correct valve size

Discussion includes hemodynamics, gradients, and small-annulus patients. Rationale around why heart team approach is preferred.

Procedural considerations 

Discussion on the use of cerebral embolic protection for management of stroke, and the benefits of conscious sedation.

Hospital Economics

Experts discuss the impact of TAVI on hospital economics.

What’s next for TAVI?

Where are we going with low risk? What are the big hurdles for TAVI and surgical valves? What are the future possibilities?


Panelists share insights on hot topics and questions from colleagues.

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