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Bioresorbable Nasal Packing Products

Bioresorbable and Biofragmentable Nasal Packing

Medtronic's high-performance bioresorbable and biofragmentable nasal packing eliminates the need for painful packing removal following FESS. We offer nasal packing products to assist with stenting, bleeding control, wound healing, and antibacterial effectiveness.*

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bioresorbable and biofragmentable nasal packing

Nasal Packing Performance Without Painful Removal

MeroGel Nasal Packing Results in Fewer Adhesions

Bioresorbable and biofragmentable nasal packing for FESS can help:

  • Control bleeding
  • Prevent adhesions
  • Absorb drainage
  • Aid wound healing
  • Eliminate the need for painful nasal packing removal

The Right Nasal Packing for Your Patient

NovaShield Nasal Packing for FESS

Hyaluronic Acid-Based Nasal Packing

MeroGelTM and MeroPackTMnasal packing use esterified hyaluronic acid (HYAFF®), a naturally occurring constituent of the extracellular matrix that helps keep wounds moist, reduce adhesions, and decrease healing time.1

Traditional Nasal Packing

View traditional nasal packing in the ENT Product Catalog.

(Note: Not all products listed in the catalog are available in Canada)



Berlucchi M, Castelnuovo P, Vincenzi A, Morra B, Pasquini E. Endoscopic outcomes of resorbable nasal packing after functional endoscopic sinus surgery: a multicenter prospective randomized controlled study. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol. 2009; 266(6):839-845.

HYAFF® is a registered trademark of Anika Therapeutics SRL.

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