Experienced clinical staff will serve as an extension of patient care teams, amplifying efforts to manage increasingly complex patient populations.

Patient and Clinical Support

When managing complex conditions, both clinicians and patients could sometimes use a little help.  MCMS' Patient Advocacy and Support Services will act as a knowledgeable resource available to help patients complete their remote patient monitoring programs and help clinicians access the data underlying their patients' health status.

The Patient Advocacy and Support Services staff will provide a consistent voice of support to patients as they complete health checks and build confidence in their own care. Following evidence-based clinical pathways, our clinically trained staff has visibility to the same patient health status as clinicians, and may reach out to patients to gain context and ask clarifying questions regarding patient biometrics and symptoms. They facilitate program engagement by educating patients and providing guidance throughout the program, helping them understand their individual care plan.

As clinicians increasingly look for efficient ways to monitor patients post-discharge, MCMS' Patient Advocacy and Support Services staff amplify both clinicians' ability to monitor their patients, and patients' ability to engage with their remote monitoring program.