Healthcare is changing — more patient driven, more value emphasis. At Medtronic, we are championing a transition to value-based healthcare, which means developing and deploying products, services, and integrated solutions that improve care and reduce costs. We’re working with leading healthcare thinkers and practitioners such as Harvard Business Review (HBR). Together, we’re creating conversations and initiating collaboration to support value-based healthcare around the world.

Our recent efforts with HBR include webinars, articles series, and events.

HBR Webinar Series

webinars series

Each webinar features global healthcare experts discussing key information and promising approaches to address pressing issues in healthcare. Review previous webinars from our series and sign up for new ones.

HBR Insight Center articles

HBR insight articles

These articles focus on pivotal topics relating to value-based healthcare. Each article features new ideas and perspectives from thought leaders around the world to inform and reflect on healthcare theories, research, and pilot programs.


hbr forums

Medtronic and HBR have co-sponsored a series of forums on value-based healthcare topics. Each forum features leading healthcare thinkers and practitioners discussing and analyzing ways to improve value in healthcare. Summaries of the forums are provided for you to read and download. 


Harvard Business Review

Our partnership with HBR has generated a rich archive of articles outlining some of the best ideas in value-based healthcare from world-renowned strategists and practitioners of value-based healthcare.