The HBR Innovation Center contains a collection of original articles and perspectives from health industry leaders, specially curated by Harvard Business Reviewand sponsored by Medtronic. This series focuses on innovative ways to deliver care to drive better outcomes, lower costs, and higher rates of patient satisfaction. Read and share.


Listening Is a Lost Art in Medicine. Here's How to Rediscover It

By Prabhjot Singh, MD and Niyum Gandhi
The highest-need patients are the least likely to be heard.

…the simplest intervention: listening.


How the EMR Is Increasing Innovation and Creativity in Health Care

By A. James Bender and Robert S. Mecklenburg
It's about much more than record-keeping.

. . . the EMR can be applied to achieve safer, more effective, more affordable health care.


How NASA Uses Telemedicine to Care for Astronauts in Space

By Anil S Menon, Shannan Moynihan, Kathleen Garcia, and Ashot Sargsyan
Exploring new frontiers in health care.

Space exploration, again, may help create new solutions that will eventually enhance medical care on Earth.


Using Technology to Improve Rural Health Care

By Allison Suttle
When the closest doctor is a three-hour drive away.

. . . these same tactics just might be of value to providers and patients in other settings . . .


How Design Thinking Is Improving Patient-Caregiver Conversations

By Dirk Deichmann and Roel van der Heijde
Patients want to talk about their treatment in different ways.

. . . personality plays an important role in human health.