jean jacques medtronic


Sales Manager

Pelvic Health and Gastric Therapies

Meet Jean-Jacques!

Jean-Jacques is a father and food enthusiastic who, in his free time enjoys football, traveling, political talk shows and spending quality time with family and friends.He works as National Sales Manager for Austria and Switzerland.

About my Business Area: Sacral Neuromodulation aims to restore control of the bladder and bowel through electrical stimulation of the sacral nerves.

"EVERY DAY is different. we work in a complex environment where I continuously Learn and challenge myself. This I find Exciting."


Working with people, whether my team, the functions, or the healthcare professionals, makes such a variety. We work in a complex environment where I continuously learn, challenge myself, and take risks, which I find exciting.

In my job, I lead a team of Sales & Technical representatives in charge of supporting healthcare professionals and hospitals to deliver the Sacral Neuromodulation (SNM) therapy in Austria and Switzerland. Sacral Neuromodulation aims to restore control of the bladder and bowel through electrical stimulation of the sacral nerves. Try imagining a pacemaker whose pulse allows the pelvic floor to communicate with the brain – incredible right? The best part is that the therapy is already 25 years old and helped over 325’000 people worldwide to get relief from their symptoms.

My team works remotely, overseeing the different territories. As we continuously interact with our customers, our communication is a mix of in-person and remote. I spend time in the field with each of my team members and have weekly 1-to-1 calls to ensure each person gets my full attention for 1h minimum weekly. My Manager has a Europe, Middle East, and Africa responsibility and is based in the UK, which is not an obstacle but implies more discipline.


My priority is developing our people, besides reaching our financial and operational targets. I look to build a culture of continuous learning, constant experimentation, and of managing details (just like swiss watchmaking). 

I like to be present for my team. I also want us all to develop outside our comfort zones and to build emotional and intellectual competences. It’s important to understand and drive the setup of a sustainable ecosystem around our therapy which can benefit our patients and healthcare professionals. 

For me, the family is the most important thing in the world, so I expect everyone to have the right work-life balance. It requires great organization and knowledge on how to drive customer autonomy and responsibility. Life is short, and if we can have fun while doing all this, we’ve succeeded. A good sense of humor is always welcome!


Over the past seven years at Medtronic, I’ve had many unforgettable moments.

The most memorable one was my first surgery, where we got to speak to the patient after the surgery. I later saw him from afar at the train station on his way home and couldn’t help but feeling very proud to be part of changing someone’s life. Medtronic’s products are used nearly every second worldwide, but it is when you see a person smile, that you feel the contribution to our Medtronic Mission, it’s special.


As a Sales Manager you are responsible for managing the sales of your region and to report the results to the Business Unit lead of the “one-over”-region, in my case to the Business Unit Leader Pelvic Health for Alpine, Benelux, Greece, Israel and Nordic. Next to sales activities I also lead a team of sales representatives in Austria and Switzerland. As Medtronic is publishing quarterly results to the stock markets, a constant revenue monitoring, planning and forecasting of future revenue as well as discussing new strategies with my team are essential in my role.