Hispanic and Latino Leadership Summit Gathers Hispanic Talent and Thought Leaders

Hispanic and Latino Leadership Summit Gathers Hispanic Talent and Thought Leaders

The first annual summit features well-known guests with a focus on diversity and career development. 

Minneapolis – April 1, 2016 - Minneapolis, MN - The first ever Medtronic Hispanic and Latino Leadership Summit is leaving many employees inspired to network, continue important conversations and strive towards individual career goals.

“There’s a sense of community here,” says Sandra Henderson, a customer experience and design specialist at Medtronic in California. “We are having conversations about career development and how Latin Americans can make a difference within the company.

More than 300 hundred people attended the first annual summit.

Henderson joined more than 300 other employees for the two-day summit in downtown Minneapolis. The event featured guest speakers, company leaders, and dialogue about something they all have in common: Hispanic roots.

The company hosted the Hispanic and Latino Leadership Summit in an effort to connect employees with similar backgrounds, influence the company culture and promote the development of Hispanic and Latino individuals across the organization. With the Hispanic population growing rapidly in the US1, and a prevalence of chronic conditions like diabetes2, the effort not only provides talent development opportunities for employees, but it helps Medtronic better understand how it can address healthcare barriers facing this rapidly growing minority population.

“The patients Medtronic serves vary widely in social, cultural and economic backgrounds, even when you look at the US alone,” said Celeste Ortiz, VP of Human Resources for Medtronic’s diabetes group and chairperson of the Hispanic and Latino Network. “By having leaders with a strong understanding of– and a vested interest in – healthcare for Hispanics, we can make better progress to improve patient outcomes among that population.”

Henry Cisneros addresses the audience at the first leadership summit.

Henry Cisneros addresses the audience at the first leadership summit.

Henry Cisneros, co-founder of investment management firm CityView, was a guest speaker at the signature event.

“When you’re talking about serving this growing population, it’s not a sideshow, but it’s a core business strategy,” he told those in attendance. “You can serve this growing population by being a bridge through language, culture, and by living out the Medtronic Mission.”

Cisneros served as mayor of San Antonio, TX for nearly a decade and was Secretary of Housing andUrban Development (HUD) during the Clinton administration.

The soon-to-be annual event in Minneapolis included networking events, workshops and panel discussions by Medtronic leaders and industry experts.

“I’m leaving very inspired,” says Henderson, who has been with Medtronic for five years. “It’s important to have Latin American representation to better serve Medtronic and our patients.”



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