This online activity will focus on “Anesthesia Management and Postoperative Delirium: Proactively Targeting the Depth of Sedation”. A significant number of patients undergoing surgery develop neurologic complications postoperatively, ranging from subtle cognitive alterations to clinically evident confusion and delirium. Restoration of cognitive function following surgery is the ultimate goal and requires an interdisciplinary approach that includes all anesthesiology providers. Developing a comprehensive approach from preoperative identification of risk factors to intraoperative brain monitoring to postoperative pharmacologic management of delirium will result in decreased delirium and more favorable outcomes. This activity discusses screening methods, identification of risk factor, and intraoperative brain monitoring tools to reduce the risk of postoperative delirium.

This program was created by Haymarket, an organization which provides CME accreditation, under an educational grant from Medtronic.


Anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists


  • Discuss preoperative methods for minimizing postoperative delirium including proper screening and identification of risk factors
  • Utilize intraoperative measures such as evidence-based monitoring when administering anesthesia to minimize postoperative delirium
  • Review nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic methods for preventing and treating postoperative delirium