Early Pre-Operative Solutions

At Medtronic we recognise that what you put in, directly relates to what you get out.

Like training for and running a marathon, the process and preparation in the build-up to surgery helps maximise the outcomes.

That’s why we’ve invested in our ERAS capabilities, to help you implement ERAS processes in your hospital and contribute to best patient outcomes.

Implementing ERAS® with Medtronic


Onboarding of patients on enhanced recovery programme

Follow-up of patients on enhanced recovery programme and on outcomes

Implementation of Multi-Modal & Multi-Disciplinary Intervention Guidelines & Pathway

What We Do

Medtronic employ on-site resources to asses, improve and sustain the implementation of the Enhanced Recovery program in your hospital by:

  • Coordinating implementation of ERAS® guidelines across hospital
  • Coordination of data management (input / evaluation)
  • Coordination of guideline compliance reviews
  • Continuous training of staff
  • Preparation of ERAS® reports
  • Resource supporting continuous focus on enhanced recovery during and after initial implementation period