Peri-Operative Solutions

Medtronic’s unrivalled portfolio of products makes us a leader in the field of bariatric & metabolic surgery.

Developed in partnership with health care professionals, our innovative technologies produce consistent and reliable performance, even in the most challenging cases.

At the heart of this - our long history of manufacturing & supplying quality products, and our commitment to developing meaningful and economically beneficial solutions.


Our VersaOne™ trocar platform features a universal cannula designed to fit with all obturators, giving surgeons flexibility based on the patient and procedure. This platform increases efficiency in surgical procedures by saving you time and shelf space – so more focus is on the patient


Introducing an innovative solution designed to simplify laparoscopic port-site closures - and reduce regions of high stress in muscular fascial tissue. The neoClose™ port site closure system uses an anchor guide and drivers for a unique approach to closing port site incisions.

ReliaCatch™ bag

We designed the ReliaCatch™ specimen retrieval bag to make your job easier. And that starts right in the box. Our disposable device comes in an easy-to-open6 soft pouch.

Ligasure™ Hook

Improved surgical efficiency. Ligasure™ Hook brings vessel sealing, cold cutting, grasping and dissection with one device –helping you stay focused on what matters.

Signia™ Intelligent Stapling System

By using Smart technology, Signia™ stapler adapts to tissue variation as you fire. Combined with Tri-Staple technology this delivers more consistent staple lines.

V-Loc™ Secure Absorbable & non-Absorbable Wound Closure

The V-Loc™ wound closure device is a revolutionary barbing technology that closes wounds securely without the need to tie knots. Secure. Fast Effective.

Tri-Staple™ Technology

Tri-Staple™ technology allows greater perfusion to the staple line by employing graduated compression, staggered staple heights and a reload that delivers constant compression with a flat cartridge face and single staple height.


Improves outcomes and enhances patient experience

Our aspiration and strategy is to build partnerships with healthcare stakeholders with joint accountability to deliver outcomes based value in healthcare.