Obesity & Metabolic Health

Obesity is a unique disease which poses unique challenges to the health care system as a whole. Medtronic is developing its capabilities in recognition of this, to help health care teams deliver the best possible outcomes for patients. We aim to do this by focusing not just on the operation, but across the whole patient pathway.

We are proud to partner with LIBSS as Platinum Sponsor for the LIBSS 2019 Symposium. We look forward to meeting friends, old and new, understanding the challenges faced, and collaborating on effective solutions.

Come and see us in the exhibition hall to talk about how our solutions across the full bariatric & metabolic patient pathway could be of benefit to you.


A theme that continues throughout the patient pathway, the ERAS model starts in this stage.

Pre-Operative Solutions

Our range of pre-operative solutions focused on maximising patient outcomes.

Peri-Operative Solutions

Our unrivalled portfolio of surgical and anaesthetic innovations.

Post-Operative Solutions

Our role in helping achieve best patient outcomes and satisfaction doesn’t end when the surgery is finished.


A customized solution to meet your needs

Medtronic Procedural Kits support Healthcare Professionals become more efficient in managing daily duties while improving quality of patient care.([FOOTNOTE=Procedural solutions box business case 16-weu-custom-procedure-kits-business-case-870893.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])