Post-Operative Solutions

Partnering on delivering effective care to patients doesn’t stop when the treatment has been delivered.

That’s why Medtronic have developed capabilities to effectively monitor and manage patients in the post-operative episode.

Providing solutions across the full care continuum to help you deliver the best possible patient care and produce best possible outcomes.

Vital Sync™

Clinical Decision Making. Uncomplicated.

Caring for your patients. If you could make it easier, you would. That’s why you got into medicine in the first place. But healthcare has become so complicated, it’s hard to devote yourself to that calling as much as you’d like.

Working side by side with clinicians like you, we created a customizable remote monitoring and clinical decision support (CDS) system that makes your patients’ monitoring data more meaningful.

We integrate the multitudes of data from your individual devices to a single platform. And transform it into smart, actionable information. Delivered to you wherever you are, on virtually any device. 

Pulse Oximetry

True Intelligence for Both Monitor and Sensor

The Nellcor™ pulse oximetry system with OxiMax™ technology establishes a new milestone in patient safety monitoring that can impact clinical settings from the everyday to the extraordinary.

We offer a full suite of continuous respiratory function monitoring solutions to alert you to respiratory compromise so you can intervene earlier and improve patient safety and outcomes.


Our patient monitoring solutions provide the only integrated, complete picture of a patient’s oxygenation and ventilation status.([FOOTNOTE=Maddox RR, Oglesby H, Williams CK, Fields M, Danello S., Continuous respiratory monitoring and a “smart” infusion system improve safety of patient-controlled analgesia in the postoperative period.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

Medtronic provides bedside and handheld capnography monitors along with a complete portfolio of single-use sampling lines.


Improves outcomes and enhances patient experience

Our aspiration and strategy is to build partnerships with healthcare stakeholders with joint accountability to deliver outcomes based value in healthcare.