Celebrating 70 years of European production

The Medtronic Needle Plant based in Le Pont de Claix, Grenoble, France, exports to over 120 countries.

Our team of 250 employees produce over 130 million needles and 850 needle references each year.

Edgellant™ Premium Cutting Needles

Sharper and Stronger1

New innovative robotic electro-polishing process
New heat treatment

  • 27% improved bend movement compared to legacy needles2
  • 30% sharper than our legacy needles and stay sharper after multiple passes1
  • 3 times stronger needle tips versus Ethicon™* needles2

Our newly refined heat treatment process gives Edgellant™ needles added strength, 27% stronger than our legacy needles3

Reliapoint™ Conventional Cutting Needles

Reliable and Consistent Performance Pass after Pass

New tip geometry
Enhanced silicone coating
Improved suture to needle diameter ratio
Sharper than equivalent Ethicon™* needles4

  • 34% sharper after 1st pass4
  • 40% sharper after 30 passes4

  • ™* Third party brands are trademarks of their respective owners. All other brands are trademarks of a Medtronic company.

  • 1. Based on internal benchtop test report #RAD-061D-A. P value <0.001. October 2015.

  • 2. Based on internal benchtop test report #SHP-017-1. P value <0.001. March 2015.

  • 3. Based on internal benchtop test report #SHP-024. P value <0.001. February 2016.

  • 4. Based on Medtronic Internal Benchtop Test Report, SHP-033. February 2016, P value <0.001 legacy and competitive needles were tested on Pourvair. 40% sharper at the diameter tested.