Liver Cancer Pathway

The following illustration shows the possible pathway a liver cancer patient might follow. This is different from patient to patient depending on many factors such as your overall health, type of mutation, current staging, size, and location of the tumour. (please refer to the legend below and the specific section Options to treat liver cancer).



Patient Pathway (Blue)

From left to right the entire path a patient may experience

Differential Diagnosis (Magenta)

Patients show symptoms similar to different diseases and an evaluation is ongoing

Examination (Teal)

All different type p examination a physician can request in order to assess the disease

Diagnosis (Yellow)

Diagnosis of the disease based on the results of the examinations and other information about the patient and his family


Treatment (Green)

Different treatments available; tumor board decides the best approach

Treatment Support (Orange)

Treatment's complementary Procedures

Back (Red)

The Follow-Up evidences the need for examination

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