Take standard dialysis to the next level with ClearumTM HS dialyzers

Considerations when selecting a standard dialyzer and recently published evidence.


Hear our experts provide a deep dive into the pivotal attributes of standard dialyzers to reach high efficiency dialysis and review the clinical evidence around the Clearum™ HS dialyzer.

Meet our faculty

Prof. Christian Tielemans

Former Head of the Department of Nephrology, Dialysis, Renal Transplantation , and Arterial Hypertension at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.

Prof. Francisco Maduell

Head of the Dialysis Unit and Nephrology Section at the Nephrology Department at the Hospital Clínic Barcelona, Spain.

Prof. Björn Meijers

Adjunct Head of the Nephrology Department at the University Hospitals Leuven & tenured staff at the KU Leuven, Belgium.



Prof. C. Tielemans

Dialyzer key attributes

Prof. B. Meijers

Hear how physics, chemistry & engineering are the driving forces behind the performance of dialyzers & dialyzer membranes.

Real world performance of the ClearumTM HS dialyzer

Prof. F. Maduell

Find out the results of Prof. Maduell & his team’s clinical experience around the efficacy and safety of the ClearumTM HS dialyzer.

Q&A and Conclusions

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