The Confidence to Know Bleeding Will Stop

After more than 6 years of dedicated scientific research and development, Medtronic launched the Veriset™ patch. It is designed to help you achieve hemostasis quickly and consistently, in ~1 minute.1,†

Unique Mode of Action

The Veriset™ patch is placed over the injury, gentle pressure is applied for 30 seconds.

Bleeding has stopped at ~1 minute.


Fast & Reliable

The Veriset™ patch works in two ways:

Denaturation of red blood cells, resulting in a lower pH and platelets, which are essential for hemostasis, becoming 'trapped' in the oxidised regenerated  cellulose, both these events result in the expedition of the bodies own natural coagulation cascade.

And secondly once the patch is activated, via the combination of Trilysine and Polyethylene Glycol, a PEG Hydrogel is formed. This Hydrogel has two effects: firstly to adhere the patch to the tissue and secondly to form a seal across the damaged tissue. 

Both parts together help to ensure high efficacy hemostasis can be achieved.

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Easy to Use

Ready to use in both open and laparoscopic procedures with no preparation time([FOOTNOTE=Veriset™ Hemostatic Patch Instructions for Use (IFU).],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

Store VerisetTM Hemostatic Patch at room temperature <25o2

Easily passes through trocar([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal study #TR1478, Evaluating Veriset™ hemostatic path after laparoscopic liver resection in a porcine model, 2013.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

Not contraindicated in a contaminated or infected environment2

What Our Customers Say

Effective in cases of inhibited coagulation and independent of clotting ability

"The Veriset™ patch does not require a patient to have a perfect coagulopathy." 

"It is easy to handle without any difficulties, even in laparoscopic surgery."

Clinical Evidence

Achieved hemostasis significantly faster than the control device1 

The Veriset™ hemostatic patch is effective in promoting hemostatis and does not elicit any safety concerns.([FOOTNOTE=C. Schuhmacher, J. Pratschke, S. Weiss, S. Schneeberger, A. Mihaljevic, R. Schirren, M. Winkler, N. Emmanouilidis. Safety and effectiveness of a syntheric hemostatic patch for intraoperative soft tissue bleeding. Medical Devices: Evidence and Research; 31 March 2015. 8 167-174.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

Regardless of bleeding severity or surface area, the Veriset™ hemostatic path achieved hemostasis significantly faster than the control device in patients undergoing hepatic resection. It was safe and easy to handle in open hepatic surgery.1

  • † Based on surgeon/customer validation. In several clinical investigations, the median times to hemostasis were within 1 - 1.5 minutes