Maximised exposure with maximum protection

The SurgiSleeve™ wound protector is a one-piece design, consisting of a sheath film with a ring on both ends. The SurgiSleeve™ wound protector features:

  • A blue proximal ring – adjusts to variable thicknesses of the abdominal wall and is easy to roll down
  • A flexible grey distal ring – for easy insertion and removal through the incision
  • A retraction ring – to provide greater retraction (up to 17% more)5,6 and visibility than standard wound protectors, and a stable platform for access to the body1*
  • Finger cutouts – for easy insertion and removal of the retraction ring

Using the SurgiSleeve™ wound protector, you get the maximum field of vision with added protection and strength, so you can focus more on your patient without having to worry about the performance of your protector.


Superior performance

Compared with the Alexis™ O wound protector, the SurgiSleeve™ wound protector offers multiple benefits:

  • Equivalent or greater wound exposure with a retraction ring*6,7
  • Three times stronger material7
  • As fast or faster to use – including the retraction ring*7
  • Easier to roll down because of the flexible proximal ring
  • Easier to use – the large and extra-large retraction rings* are fast to place and remove7
  • Standardised – five stock-keeping units (SKU) versus 15 SKUs for the Alexis™ O wound protector
  • Save 25–30% in costs when switching from the Alexis™ O wound protector9

The SurgiSleeve™ wound protector is available in a variety of sizes, from extra small to extra large, to accommodate incision sizes of 2–17 cm.

Order Information
Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
WPXSM24 Wound Protector Extra Small Incision Size 2 - 4 cm Box 5
WPSM256 Wound Protector Small Incision Size 2.5 - 6 cm Box 5
WPMD509 Wound Protector Medium Incision Size 5-9 cm Box 5
WPLGR914 Wound Protector Large Incision Size 9 - 14 cm with Retraction Ring Box 5
WPXLGR1117* Wound Protector Extra Large Incision Size 11 - 17 cm with Retraction Ring* Box 5

Order Information

Wound Protectors

Maximised exposure with optimised protection  

Wound protectors help reduce surgical site infections. They can be used to retract an incision site to increase exposure to the body during surgery without the need for additional mechanical retractors and cloths.10 

With our portfolio of SurgiSleeve™ wound protectors, you get the maximum field of vision with added protection and strength, allowing you to focus on your patient without worrying about the performance of your protector.

  • * The retraction ring is a separate piece, which is available on the large and extra-large sizes only 

  • † Third-party brands are trademarks of their respective owners. All other brands are trademarks of a Medtronic company

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