Learning Paths
Video Series

MedEd Bytes Video Series

MedEd Bytes is a video series that offers a quick and digestible learning format that can help solidify your understanding of different therapies leveraged in patient monitoring and respiratory interventions.

Weekly Podcast Series

The Medical Education Podcast

The MedEd Learning Experience podcast is a weekly podcast series that provides brief, interview-style discussions with clinical experts and is designed to teach safe and effective use of different therapies in patient monitoring and respiratory interventions. The podcast will feature discussions on anesthesia and brain monitoring, unplanned extubation in the NICU, routine intubation with video laryngoscopy, challenges in the NICU, the value of NIRS in clinical practice in the NICU, non-invasive and invasive ventilation in the NICU, and more.

The goal of this program is to get closer to the patient and delve into the challenges and impact of each technology in practice.

Touch Surgery Interactive Surgical Simulation App

Learn, test, and prepare on more than 200 simulations.

Touch Surgery is an academically-validated interactive surgical simulator that provides a realistic and detailed guide to every step of a procedure. So you can learn, test, and rehearse for surgery – anytime, anywhere.


BARIAlink is a web-based knowledge base and participation network of bariatric and metabolic surgery specialists from all over the world. Share and discuss at a highly professional level the challenges faced by surgeons in complex cases, innovative surgical procedures and new approaches to bariatric surgery.

  • Gain insights into the safe approach of various complex revisional bariatric & metabolic procedures
  • Participate in interactive case discussions on how to select the best bariatric procedure per patient’s criteria
  • Learn to manage difficult situations and understand how to deal with potential complications
  • Consult the Barialink library to listen to case discussions and search for specific procedures/patient complications in your own time