The Bispectral Index (BIS™) monitoring system enables anesthesia professionals to access processed EEG information as a measure of the effect of certain anesthetics during patient care. The clinical impact of monitoring with BIS™ technology has been demonstrated in a variety of randomized controlled trials that have revealed the potential for BIS™ technology to facilitate improvements in anesthesia care, including patient safety. After reading this clinical pocket guide, the anesthesia clinician will be able to:

  • Describe the link between anesthetic effect, EEG signals, and the BIS™ Index - Integrate BIS™ technology information during induction, maintenance, and emergence
  • Identify special situations that can influence monitoring with BIS™ technology
  • Formulate responses to sudden changes in BIS™ values during anesthesia
  • Summarize the evidence-based impact of using BIS™ technology during anesthesia care
  • Recommend monitoring with BIS™ technology in a strategy to reduce the risk of awareness
  • List resources and pathways to access additional clinical support for monitoring with BIS™ technology