Medical Society Partnerships

Through our partnerships with medical societies, Medtronic works to:

Team up with society leadership and legislators to drive adoption of bariatric surgery coverage within state exchanges

Participate in advocacy programs such as:

Stop Obesity Alliance

Obesity Action Coalition

ASMBS Foundation's National Walk from Obesity

Payer Solutions

Through our Payer and Employer Solutions group, Medtronic offers support to healthcare professionals with:

  1. Collaboration with economists to provide evidence demonstrating that bariatric surgery is effective in:
    • Decreasing workplace absenteeism
    • Having greater efficacy when comparing surgical intervention vs medical management
    • Combating severe co-morbid conditions. See our Systematic Review of Bariatric Surgery
  2. Employer outreach programs to facilitate access to obesity continuum of care.
  3. Payer relations related to medically supervised dietary program restrictions prior to surgery or the appeal process.