Open or closed —
your patients are covered.

Whichever you choose, our masks go with your flow.

Help keep your patients safe from sedation adverse events with all-new open and closed EtCO2 mask options.

Built with Microstream™ technology

Both masks are Microstream technology endorsed, and incorporate genuine Microstream™ Advance filter lines to can connect to any Microstream™ capnography or Microstream™ technology-enabled monitor.

Oxy2Mask™* EtCO2
with Microstream™ connector

A new open design with an improved diffuser1 to help you monitor and better manage oxygenation and ventilation for patients before, during, and after sedation procedures.

  • Ideal for medical-surgical suites, the ER, and other patient care areas where procedural sedation is performed
  • Flexible oxygen titration from 1 to 15+ LPM
  • FiO2 delivery from 24% to 83%

with Microstream™ connector

An all-new closed design to help you monitor and better manage oxygenation and ventilation for patients with higher O2 needs during sedation procedures.

  • Ideal for patients with higher O2 needs in upper endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and other sedation procedures
  • Flexible oxygen titration from a closed mask minimum of 5 to 15+ LPM‡,2
  • Best-in-class FiO2 delivery from 48% to 95%3

Helping you better manage your patient’s airflow

Better in

Both masks feature a new triangular diffuser mushroom disc insert to improve FiO2 readings by refining the shape of the oxygen vortices and directing oxygen flow with accelerated velocity toward the patient nose and mouth.3–5

Better out

Both masks feature a new diffuser cup connected to a Microstream™ Advance filter line to improve EtCO2 readings and prevent waveform washout with best-in-class accuracy and reliability.6–8

Helping you better manage your team’s workflow

Better access

Both masks include a 360° swivel adapter to keep tubing out of your way.

Better workflow

Both masks come pre-assembled to help you quickly get your patient connected.

Fewer interruptions

These devices may help reduce procedural interruptions or aborted procedures due to desaturation and adverse events.

What are the big differences

between Oxy2Pro™* with Microstream™ connector and the POM™* mask?

Discover which mask brings you greater accuracy and reliability.

Sizing to accommodate your patients

The Oxy2Mask™* EtCO2 with Microstream™ connector is available in three sizes to accommodate all patient types (adult, adult plus, and kid).

The Oxy2Pro™* with Microstream™ connector is available in two sizes to accommodate adult patient types (adult and adult plus).

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Learn more about how Oxy2Mask™* EtCO2 and Oxy2Pro™* can complement your hospital’s Microstream™ capnography and keep your sedated patients safe.

Microstream™ monitoring should not be used as the sole basis for diagnosis or therapy and is intended only as an adjunct in patient assessment.

Actual FiO2 will vary. Breath rate, depth of breathing, and distance of the diffuser cup from the face will affect performance. Actual flow rate required should be prescribed in conjunction with the use of a pulse oximeter.

TM* Third-party brands are trademarks of their respective owners. Oxy2Pro™ and Oxy2Mask™ are manufactured by Southmedic Inc., and distributed by Medtronic.

† Southmedic Inc. is an authorized user of genuine Microstream Advance filter lines. Validated outcomes adhere to Southmedic Inc. specifications.

‡ Closed masks require minimum 5 LPM O2 flow.

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