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Our new AccuMesh™ positioning system with its expandable frame and precise articulation control is an innovative mesh positioning system that facilitates insertion, deployment, and placement of Parietex™ Optimized Composite (PCOx) mesh.1 As a result, AccuMesh™ positioning system delivers superior accuracy and faster operative time compared to traditional laparoscopic ventral hernia repair methods.2*

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The success of a laparoscopic ventral repair is largely dependent on achieving a consistent 3–5 cm overlap between the edge of the mesh and the edge of the defect.1 With current techniques, accurately positioning the mesh is the most difficult mesh-related step of the procedure.1

Our new AccuMesh™ positioning system offers:

  • Superior Accuracy: Statistically significant improvement in accuracy of mesh placement*,2
  • Significant Time Savings: Statistically significant reduction in mesh related OR time by more than 40%*,2
  • Ease of Use: Easy to attach, roll, insert, deploy, position, and fixate the mesh3

Order Information

Order Information
Order Code Description Components Unit of Measure Quantity
AMPPCO15X AccuMesh™ with PCOx, 15 cm round AMPMED, PCO15X, 173022 Box 1
AMPPCO2015X AccuMesh™ with PCOx, 20 x 15 cm AMPMED, PCO2015X, 173022 Box 1
AMPPCO20X AccuMesh™ with PCOx, 20 cm round AMPMED, PCO20X, 173022 Box 1
Technical Specifications
Mesh Textile Polyester
Mesh Barrier Collagen and Glycerol
Mesh Pore Size (mm) (height x width) 2.4 x 2.0
Macropore* (mm) (height x width) 4.8 x 2.0
Mesh Thickness 1.7
Mesh Surface Density 78
Mesh Burst Strength 367 ± 20
Mesh Burst Distension 8 ± 0
Mesh Sterilization Gamma
AMP Sterilization ETO
Trocar Size 12 mm
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  • 2. Pre-clinical lab data compared to current mesh placement technique.

  • 3. Product Specification

  • * based on pre-clinical testing compared to current technique