Becoming the critical care unit capnography ‘champion’

Best practice feedback has indicated hospitals that assign a capnography monitoring ‘champion’ to help spearhead the implementation have experienced more effective utilization and greater clinical adoption. The Covidien Implementation Connection offers information, education and tools for the clinical ‘champion’ to establish a framework for success.

To begin your journey to becoming the capnography ‘champion’ for your critical care unit, review the Covidien Implementation Program resources and tools and access Professional Affairs and Continuing Education clinical and non-clinical education offerings that are designed specifically for critical care clinicians. When you have completed all courses in the critical care curriculum, you will receive a completion certificate. Continuing education credits for nurses and respiratory therapists are available for some courses in the curriculum.

As a capnography ‘champion’ you can also expand your knowledge of capnography monitoring across multiple hospital environments, including general care floor, procedural sedation, emergency department/resuscitation, and pre-hospital/EMS.